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Above: The front cover image from my first erotic novel: The Flirt: Game, Sex & Match




Right: Erotic picture of 'Sally & Mike' performing in public



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The Flirt: Game, Sex & Match.


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The Flirt: Game, Sex & Fantasies is my first erotic novel. It is 90% based on my factual experiences with 'Mike'.


Having visited many orgies, I had enough material for my second book - described on the next page.

My impressions of the various orgy evenings can be found in a later section.




The Flirt: Game, Sex & Match



School Teacher Mike reckons he's the most world-wise and successful flirt on the planet. He soon meets his match with Sally at his new school. She quickly gets Mike to break his 'non-penetration' code and then proceeds to take the lead in other areas.


Their sexual relationship develops from passionate sex to experimentation - with bondage, anal and a lot of talk about fulfilling fantasies. Sally has had previous experience at orgies and in group sex situations. Mike now realises he is not as experienced as he thought.


Sally hadn't enjoyed her previosu swinging sexploits because of he then husbnd who was too jealous. Now, with Mike, she is keen to venture into it again. She starts off by organising a visit from an escort agency. This leads to many visits to an orgy and ultimately their readiness for full swing nad penetration.


At one party they meet Rod and Sally finally gets laid in front of Mike. Their next visit sees them both enjoy the full benefits of the swinging scene.


Follow Sally and Mike through this erotic journey of two people's desires to give each other maximum pleasure.